Friday, June 5, 2009

Focal Point

I think too often the focal point in a room is some gigantic television, and I'm not crazy about the message that sends. I'd much rather have a room like this, with one entire wall dedicated to books (and various knick knacks for fun).


  1. I really like this! I feel the same way. I don't like having the TV take up the focus of a room. Like you said, it sends a message that that's all our family is about. Plus, I LOVE books and hope to have many bookcases filled with them. Love it!

  2. we in are the process of building a unit like this across an entire wall in our house (ours has doors on the bottom third to keep stuff in). it's quite a project. but hope the end result looks half this good!

  3. I agree. I kept telling Mike I wanted yo buy this one house because of the bookshelf in it... at which point he reminded me that he could build us a bookshelf in any house we bought...oh yeah...